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Massage Techniques

Swedish Massage:
This classic method utilizes long flowing strokes on the body. This massage soothes sore muscles, improves circulation and leaves you feeling peaceful and relaxed.

Ashiatsu Bar Massage:
This is a very unique treatment.  Ashiatsu (pronunced Ah-SHEE-ought-su) is a Japanese word meaning 'foot pressure'.  This technique combines massage methods used in Thailand, Japan, and Southern India.  Using overhead supports, I am able to apply very deep soothing strokes to the muscles of the back of the body with my feet, utilizing my body weight. This is a truly wonderful experience causing deep relaxation, relief from tight muscles, and a stimulation of your body's own self-healing capabilities.

Pressure points are pressed and held along the body to release tension and to stimulate the body’s innate self healing capabilities.

Lava Stone Massage:
This massage incorporates smooth heated basalt stones into the treatment.  Stones are placed along pressure points while the application of lotion on the warm stones are used to massage the body.  You are blanketed in warmth, as stones melt away stress.

Hydrocollator Heating Pads:

Warm up with the addition of hydrocollator heating pads to your massage.  Hot packs are used on the back and provide soothing relief to the muscles.  Heat can deliver a nurturing comfort, while enabling a far deeper state of relaxation during the massage.


All of these techniques may be used in your treatment, depending on your needs, and this will be discussed prior to treatment so I can customize your massage.

A good massage affects you on many different levels, everyone has the innate abilities to heal themselves, and with skilled touch the results can be amazing. 

Please do not hesitate to call with any questions you may have.  My office phone number is 209-768-3993.


Rates:         30 Minutes $60

                      60 Minutes $90

                      90 Minutes $120

Add $5 for the addition of Lava Stone Massage or Hydrocollator Heating Pads to any session.

Massage Techniques
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